Build Specifications

To withstand the rigours of the British weather, remain structurally sound and retain their stunning look, garden buildings require suitable foundations. Without robust foundations the buildings could suffer from subsidence or be upheaved during a storm. Any upheaval presents safety issues and may cause serious damage to your property..

The type of foundations required to support your building will depend on the nature of the ground and the soil conditions. We will conduct a survey of the proposed site for your garden room to identify which foundation system you need, and the extent of the work required to prepare the ground. We can advise you on all aspects of groundworks and foundations. We can then undertake the work, if required, or provide the information you need to complete the foundations yourself.

Garden buildings will need either plinth foundations or ground screw foundations. Both systems minimise disruption, eliminate the need to use poured concrete and reduce the amount of groundwork required. As such, they are earth-friendly choices that will accelerate your project.


Plinths are relatively quick and simple to install and can withstand high amounts of both pressure and movement. They can also be removed from the site in the future, without leaving a trace. Sitting directly on top of compacted earth, hardcore, or suitably reinforced ground, plinth systems feature timber frames supported by concrete footings. Those footing provide stability while raising the timber plinths from the ground to enhance ventilation and prevent rotting. Plinth systems for sloping or undulating ground are available and will reduce the amount of work needed to level the site.

Ground Screws

A relatively new method of creating foundations, ground screws are quick to install and reduce groundwork. However, ground screws require expert installation and may not be suitable for areas of your land where the soil is loose.

Ground screws are large screws that are driven 1.2m to 5.0m into the ground using specialist equipment. Their installation causes minimal damage. Brackets are then fitted to the screws, and these provide the base on which to build your garden room.

This form of foundation enables you to build on uneven surfaces which might otherwise be dead space. Ground Screws are excellent options if you wish to protect the root systems of adjacent trees.

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