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Distinguished by superior materials and expert craftsmanship, our garden rooms will elevate any outside space. Exceptional attention to detail at every stage of construction ensures that each Kennedy Garden Retreat is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Our truly stunning buildings give our clients stylish yet versatile spaces that improve both their lifestyles and the values of their properties. 

We are dedicated to creating buildings that transform the aesthetics of our client’s properties while providing useful and flexible additional space. There is no doubt that any garden room is a significant investment. But at Kennedy Garden Retreats, we create buildings that deliver equally significant returns on that investment.

Our philosophy is a simple one – only the very best will do. We apply that philosophy to our designs, our choice of materials, our craftsmanship and our customer service.

Premium garden building manufacturers

At Kennedy Garden Retreats we utilise only the finest materials when crafting our garden rooms. From floor to ceiling, our buildings are constructed both to impress and to stand the test of time. We have used our knowledge and experience to identify the best materials and construction techniques to utilise for every element of a build. The results are stunning, maintenance-free garden retreats with instant impact that can withstand the closest scrutiny. 

Bespoke design

While we do offer garden room ranges that enable you to choose a specified look and size, our service is truly bespoke. We understand that no two outside spaces are the same and that each of our clients will have their own unique requirements. We will work closely with you to design and build a garden room boasting the aesthetics you favour and the practical features you need. 

Beautiful inside and out

The interiors of our garden retreats are as stylish and memorable as their exteriors. Your purchase will include the services of a personal, expert, interior designer who can realise your vision for your retreat. Together you can choose the features, colours and finishing touches that will set your building apart.

Free 10-year garden building warranty

We are confident that our expertly crafted garden rooms will be long-lasting additions to our clients’ properties. That confidence enables us to offer a free 10-year warranty.

Premium building and premium service

The quality of our buildings is matched only by that of our service. Our personalised approach will begin the moment we first meet with you. We are dedicated to not only to building you the finest garden room but also to ensuring that the entire process is timely, hassle-free and tailored to your needs.

How will you use your garden room?

Garden rooms are versatile buildings that can be whatever you want them to be. Our expertise, attention to detail and personalised approach will ensure that you benefit from a garden room that is ideal for its intended purpose. But so versatile are our buildings that they can be repurposed in the future should your needs or lifestyle change.

How do you intend to use your garden room? We can create the perfect home office, playroom, gym, hobby room, man cave, garden bar, garden cinema, yoga room or therapy room. Perhaps you have something altogether different in mind? We look forward to hearing about your ideas and then bringing them to life.

Visit our display building

Don’t just take our word for it! You are welcome to visit our display building which is just one example of what we can achieve, and which may provide the inspiration for your own garden retreat.

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