Integrated Blinds

Stylish and practical finishing touches for your garden room, integrated (between glass) blinds are the perfect shading and privacy solutions. Integrated into sealed double glazing units, the blinds create a chic, contemporary aesthetic. Better still, they are easy to maintain as they are protected from dirt and dust. Suitable for most glazed elements of a building including doors, bifold doors and windows, integrated blinds are outstanding investments.

Available in a range of colours and with a variety of glazing options, the blinds are versatile and user-friendly. Choose from three operating modes – magnetic, battery powered motorised and hard-wired motorised.

Magnetically operated integrated blinds

Smooth and boasting a sophisticated look, magnetically operated blinds feature an entirely cordless system. The blinds are opened and closed via unobtrusive sliding magnetic blocks. Durable venetian blinds deliver a contemporary feel while a tilt function enables you to tailor your privacy and shading.

Battery operated motorised integrated blinds

Providing shade or privacy at the touch of a button, battery operated blinds are elegant choices powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack. That pack can be attached magnetically to the surface of the glass or the frame of the door or window. Blinds are opened or closed via the controls on the battery pack or from distance courtesy of a remote control. It is possible to control each blind individually or all blinds simultaneously. Venetian or pleated blinds are available. You can choose from a variety of glazing options with battery operated motorised blinds and the controls include a tilt function.

Hard-wired motorised integrated blinds

State of the art, user-friendly and sleek, hard-wired motorised Venetian or pleated blinds provide the cleanest finishes as they do not require manual controls or battery packs. Activated by a switch or remote control, the blinds deliver a refined aesthetic, and you can choose from a variety of glazing options. Each blind may be controlled individually but all blinds that feature in your room can be controlled simultaneously. The controls include a tilt function.

Automated Motorized Blinds

Underfloor Heating

Why not complete your garden room with low-maintenance, energy efficient underfloor heating? Underfloor heating offers several benefits and create a comfortable environment in any building. We install underfloor heating systems boasting the latest technology that are cost-effective options for your retreat. Underfloor heating is certainly the ideal solution for properties with renewable energy and can be integral to creating a sustainable home.

  • Low maintenance – electric underfloor heating features foil-backed or mesh-backed mats that are fashioned from naturally strong and durable materials. Once laid, the system will require little or no maintenance.
  • Energy efficient – underfloor heating is more efficient than conventional radiators, reducing energy usage. In addition, underfloor heating retains heat far better than radiators which cool quickly once turned off.
  • Comfortable – underfloor heating creates a comfortable environment with a consistent temperature throughout the space. Better still, you can walk around with bare feet.
  • Hygienic – these heating systems reduce humidity at floor level to eliminate dust mites. As no radiators or heaters are involved, there are fewer surfaces to attract dirt and dust.
  • Maximises available space – with underfloor heating, there are no radiators or heaters to take up wall space and so you will benefit from more usable space in your retreat.
  • Safer – there will be no radiators to accidentally walk into or to catch your clothing on.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – the clean lines and stylish finish of your interior won’t be impacted by radiators or heaters.

What is underfloor heating for garden rooms?

Electric underfloor heating systems feature heating mats that are laid underneath the flooring of your room. Swift and straightforward to install, the mats are both efficient and safe. The system would be completed by your choice of controller that will enable you to set your desired heating times and temperature. There are two forms of heating mat – foil-backed and mesh-backed.

Foil backed underfloor heating

We utilise the most technologically advanced heating foil currently available featuring innovative exposed cable loops and continuous earth protection.

  • For use with engineered timber, laminate flooring and carpet
  • Superior heating cable
  • Continuous earth protection braid – suitable for installation in bathrooms
  • Efficient heat exchange foil
  • Swift to install
  • Low profile
  • Range of controller options available

Mesh backed underfloor heating

Take advantage of the best available heating mesh. Featuring self-adhesive backing, the mats make levelling and floor installation much easier. Minimising stresses, the twin cable construction delivers longer-lasting performance and eliminates electromagnetic field for enhanced safety and reliability.

  • Ideal for tile and stone flooring
  • Superior heating cable
  • Speedy fix self-adhesive mesh
  • Patented heating cable
  • Safe and reliable
  • Low profile
  • Range of controller options available

What are insulation boards?

We can complete your underfloor heating system by laying insulation boards. Optional extras, the boards reduce heat loss from your room and improve the efficiency of the system by up to 50%. 

  • Strong and durable
  • Prevent downward heat loss
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Can be easily cut to fit
  • Waterproof and rot proof

We recommend that you strongly consider underfloor heating for your garden retreat. You will appreciate the comfort and even temperature created by the system, not to mention the energy efficiency. Also giving you clean aesthetics, underfloor heating is an excellent investment.

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