Garden Man Cave


Let’s face it, who wouldn’t relish a man cave? Enabling you to retreat to your own special space whenever you wish, a man cave can be anything you want it to be, and the possibilities are endless. Whether you yearn for a gaming room, a poker room, a hobby room or somewhere to store and display your memorabilia, a garden room can provide the perfect solution. Also ideal for modelling, playing pool or housing a model railway, a garden man cave would be a fabulous addition to your home. Tailored to your specific requirements, it will enable you to make the most of your favourite pastimes without getting in the way of your family or taking up a room in your home.

A private place to unwind or socialise, your man cave will elevate your lifestyle while improving the value of your property. You can spend valuable time enjoying your hobbies or hanging out with your mates just metres from your front door and without disturbing anyone. Better still, garden rooms are versatile buildings that can be repurposed in the future, should your needs change.

They can also be multipurpose spaces that give you more than just a man cave right now. Why not create a man cave bar, a man cave gym or a man cave home cinema? Of course, your man cave could also be a women cave! She sheds are rising in popularity and a garden room would be a far more appealing and versatile choice than a shed!

    You won’t need to leave home to spend time with your mates and enjoy your shared interests, from playing pool or cards to war gaming.
    With a garden room, you can benefit from a man cave without losing a spare bedroom, your dining room or your conservatory.
    A professionally designed, stylish and versatile garden room will increase the value and curb appeal of your home.
    Spending quality time enjoying your hobbies is wonderfully rejuvenating and so will reduce stress while lifting your mood.

Is it selfish to build a man cave?

Creating a special space for yourself might seem selfish. But it is important to allow yourself opportunities to relax, de-stress and enjoy the things you love. A happier you will also benefit your family as your relationships are likely to improve when you are feeling chilled-out and fulfilled.

Garden room man cave ideas

Your garden room man cave or she shed really can be anything you want it to be! There are endless possibilities to explore with the additional space you will gain. Your man cave could be designed with a popular pastime in mind such as gaming but could also help you to enjoy an unusual or unique hobby. It could be designed to accommodate an additional feature such as garden bar, garden cinema or fitness area too. You can decorate and furnish your space as you wish and get creative to realise all the ideas that your imagination can conjure. Do you fancy featuring Darth Vader or a Dalek? Would a drinks fridge make your day every day or is a coffee machine an essential inclusion? Would you make use of a golf simulator, or would a darts board see more action? Here’s a few suggestions as to what your man cave could become:

  • Hobby room
  • Crafting room
  • Space for modelling
  • Pool room
  • Gaming room
  • Home for your model railway
  • Football memorabilia room
  • Showbiz memorabilia room
  • Star Wars memorabilia room
  • Sports bar
  • Virtual reality space
  • Poker room
  • Music room
  • Display space for prized possessions
    Hobbies and interests tend to involve equipment, materials and collections that inevitably clutter your home. Why not rehome everything in your garden room?
    Connecting with nature will always improve your mood and so a garden room is surely the perfect place for a man cave, or she shed.
    Your man cave can be repurposed at any time in the future should your needs and lifestyle change.
    You are less likely to be disturbed when you are in your garden room, and you won’t disturb your family when you are having fun.

Men love their caves

I retreat to my cave in a very male fashion.

Ed Stoppard

How to plan the ideal garden room mancave

There is much to consider if your garden room is to become your dream man cave. You may not be able to settle on the right size of building until you have given some thought to what you need to accommodate in it. Your cave must be large enough to feature everything you need but shouldn’t overwhelm your garden. Our impressive garden rooms are available in numerous sizes and so you can choose a garden room that works well for you while suiting the proportions of your garden. Here’s a few things to think about:

  • Aspect
    where and how should your garden room man cave be positioned?
  • Furnishings
    do you need a gaming, chair, an armchair, a sofa or all three?
  • Flooring
    what type of flooring would complete your perfect space?
  • Storage
    do you require storage for media, materials or memorabilia and if so, how much?
  • Display
    will you be displaying artwork or memorabilia and how much wall space do you require? Will displaying your items necessitate an investment special fittings or display units?
  • Entertainment system
    would you like your special space to feature a sound system, a television or even a juke box?
  • Power
    how many sockets will you require and where should they be located?
  • Broadband
    do you need broadband and if so, how will you extend it to your garden retreat? You can do this via powerline networking, ethernet cable or WiFi PtP.
  • Heating and aircon
    your man cave could quickly lose its appeal if it is too cold in winter and too hot in summer.
  • Toilet
    should your cave boast a toilet or are you happy to pop back to your house?
  • Multipurpose space
    would your garden room man cave work better for you it was also a garden gym, a home cinema or

  • Versatility
    you may relish a man cave right now but what will you need in the future? To maximise the benefits of your garden room and the value it can add to your property, design a space that could be repurposed in the future to become garden accommodation, an art studio, a craft room or a summer house.

Once you have identified everything that must be accommodated in your space and where your building should be located, you can settle upon the right size of building, whether that be a small man cave or something a little larger. We will construct a stunning building that you can complete with your preferred fittings, furnishings, Daleks or trains. We will take the hassle and stress out of building your garden room and ensure that the finished article blows you away.

Do you need planning permission for your garden room bar?

Most garden rooms will not require planning permission. Garden buildings can usually be constructed under your permitted development rights as they are considered to be outbuildings that are incidental to your enjoyment of your property. However, some man caves will require planning permission. This is because there are restrictions on the size and height of garden room that you can build under your permitted development rights. There are also restrictions on where it can be positioned on your property. Garden rooms that feature toilets or kitchens may require planning permission. You will find detailed information regarding what you can and can’t do without planning consent on our planning permission page.

Do garden gyms need building regulations approval?

If the floor area of the building is between 15 square metres and 30 square metres, you will not normally be required to apply for building regulations approval for your garden room man cave. This is providing that the building contains no sleeping accommodation and is either at least one metre from any boundary or is constructed substantially of non-combustible materials. For more detailed guidance, please visit our building regulations page.

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