Garden Gym

Get fit and stay fit without leaving home

Many of us would love to benefit from a home garden gym. It can be hard to motivate yourself to workout quite as often as you should, particularly when you need to hop in the car to travel to the gym. But there may not be sufficient space in your home to create a gym and even if there is, you could have other priorities when settling on how to use your spare room. A garden retreat provides the perfect solution. You can have the gym of your dreams and it will be located on your doorstep.

A garden retreat will eliminate the dreaded gym commute and will ensure that you can workout at times to suit you. We can design and build a special space tailored to your specific needs and in which you can feature your preferred equipment. It will be a gym with a pleasing view that engenders the feel-good factor. Your garden gym will enable you to workout in privacy, uninterrupted and without distractions. Your friends and family could share your impressive facilities and the gym will enhance your lifestyle, your fitness and the value of your property. At Kennedy Garden Retreats, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding garden gyms of premium quality that really work well for you.

  • Save time
    Getting yourself ready and commuting to the gym can impact your motivation and will eat into your workout time. A garden gym will change everything.
  • Save space indoors
    You don’t need to lose a spare bedroom or the use of your conservatory when you create the perfect gym in a stylish garden retreat.
  • Tailored to you
    Why pay to access a raft of equipment that you don’t use? You can choose a garden retreat of the perfect size and feature your preferred equipment.
  • No more queues
    It’s hard enough to grab enough time to exercise without having to queue for equipment. You will never queue again when you invest in an amazing garden gym.

Ensure that good intentions yield the best results

Sticking to an exercise regime isn’t easy. Your motivation can be eroded by the hassle of getting ready and the inevitable battle with the traffic, not to mention the difficulty of finding a parking space, the opening hours of the gym and queues for equipment. Little wonder that gyms are often monuments to failed good intentions. Why not eliminate all barriers to success by investing in a garden gym?

Remove exercise anxiety

For many people, exercising in front of strangers is a stressful experience. If you feel self-conscious for any reason or simply prefer working out alone, a gym can be an intimidating place, especially when you are learning to use the equipment. But it is important to maintain the right weight and to keep fit. A garden gym will enable you to workout in privacy and in an environment in which you feel comfortable. By removing your anxiety about exercising, you will considerably improve your chances of sticking to your regime and you will be far more likely to reach your goals.

Working out when surrounded by perfect specimens can be incredibly depressing and could lead you to set yourself unrealistic goals. You can keep things real and achievable by exercising in a way and in a place that best suits you. Of course, you can always invite friends and family to use your gym but at times that are convenient for you.

A gym could be a life-changing investment in your health and wellbeing that you won’t ever want to be without again. We hope you find inspiration in our garden gym ideas.

    You can always feel comfortable exercising in your private garden gym with no perfect specimens around you to erode your self-esteem.
    Research has repeatedly shown that connecting with nature will improve your productivity, motivation and mood.
    When there’s no travelling involved, you can grab any available time to exercise, and shorter sessions become more viable.
    A stunning garden gym is an investment in your health but also in your property. It cannot fail to improve the curb appeal and the value of your home.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen

Michael Jordan

Garden gyms for professionals

Is fitness more than a hobby for you? If you are a personal trainer, wouldn’t it be wonderful to boast your own fitness studio? There would be no more travelling to work or renting space at a gym. You could welcome clients with pride to an impressive studio that enables them to exercise in privacy and free from distractions. Showcasing your professionalism, your outdoor garden gym will surely set you apart. It will ensure that you gain and retain all the clients you need while enhancing the value of your property and enabling you to exercise at home. It can also double down as Yoga Garden Room or a Pilates Garden Studio.

How to plan the ideal home garden gym

There are several things to think about before ordering your garden gym room. The main issue will be the size of your building. Your gym must be large enough to accommodate your equipment and anything else you need but shouldn’t overwhelm your garden. Our impressive garden retreats are available in numerous sizes and so you can choose a building that works well for you while suiting your outside space. To benefit from the ideal garden gym, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Aspect
    where and how should your garden gym pod be positioned to afford a great view while offering privacy?
  • Equipment
    what garden gym equipment do you need to accommodate in your space?
  • Ceiling height
    Cross trainers and running machines elevate the user and this can be an issue if you’re tall. The permitted development height of a garden room is 2.5m, but not if you build more than 2m from your property’s boundary.
  • Glazing
    wall space is important and too many windows will limit where you can place equipment. Privacy may also be an issue if your gym features a lot of glass.
  • Flooring
    If you use free weights, you will require rubber gym matting. Otherwise, a sturdy wood or laminate floor would be ideal and easy to keep clean.
  • Storage
    do you also require storage for accessories in your gym?
  • Entertainment system
    do you work out to music, fitness videos or movies? If so, you will need space for your entertainment system including an area of wall on which to hang speakers and/or a TV.
  • Power
    how many sockets will you require and where should they be located?
  • Broadband
    do you need broadband and if so, how will you extend it to your studio? You can do this via powerline networking, ethernet cable or WiFi PtP.
  • Heating and aircon
    you won’t want to work out in freezing temperatures or in excessive heat. Air con could be essential as garden gym studios tend to get very hot in the summer months. Our garden gym buildings are insulated to help you to keep the heat in when you need to.
  • Toilet & shower
    should your gym feature a toilet and/or a shower or are you happy to pop back to your house?
  • Versatility
    you may want a gym right now but what will you need in the future? To maximise the benefits of a back garden gym and the value it can add to your property, design a space that could be repurposed in the future to become garden accommodation, an art studio, a craft room or a summer house. In addition, consider that you could design a multipurpose space right now. What about treating yourself to a garden gym garden office or a garden gym or garden bar.

Once you have identified everything that must be accommodated in your gym and where your building should be located, you can settle upon the right size of garden retreat, whether that be a small garden gym or something a little larger. We will construct a stunning garden gym building that you can complete with your preferred equipment. We will take the hassle and stress out of building your garden gym and ensure that it is everything you dreamt of and more. Why would you choose the ordinary when you can benefit from one of the best garden gyms in the UK.

Do you need planning permission for your garden gym?

Most garden gyms will not require planning permission. Garden buildings can usually be constructed under your permitted development rights as they are considered to be outbuildings that are incidental to your enjoyment of your property. However, some garden gyms will require planning permission. This is because there are restrictions on the size and height of garden room that you can build under your permitted development rights. There are also restrictions on where it can be positioned on your property. Garden gyms that feature toilets or kitchens may require planning permission as will those that will be used commercially. You will find detailed information regarding what you can and can’t do without planning consent on our planning permission page.

Do garden gyms need building regulations approval?

If the floor area of the building is between 15 square metres and 30 square metres, you will not normally be required to apply for building regulations approval for your garden gym. This is providing that the building contains NO sleeping accommodation and is either at least one metre from any boundary or is constructed substantially of non-combustible materials. For more detailed guidance, please visit our building regulations page.

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