Garden Bar

Treat yourself to the luxury of a garden room bar

It would be the ultimate luxury, wouldn’t it? Imagine having a stylish bar just metres from your back door. It would surely be the perfect place to socialise with friends and family or to relax in the evening when you want to get away from it all. Your home may not boast the space you need to feature a bar and so a garden room bar is the obvious solution. Let’s face it, everyone wants a garden bar and with Kennedy Garden Retreats, you could soon be living the dream.

Of course, you could create an outdoor bar in your garden. That’s fine during the summer months, but for year-round use, a garden room bar is a better choice and one that will add value to your property. Your swanky new pad could simply feature a bar and seating. But your garden room could also be designed to give you a multipurpose space. What about a garden gym bar, a garden office bar or a garden mancave bar? The possibilities are endless. Better still, our garden retreats are flexible spaces and so can be repurposed in the future to meet your changing needs. Your back garden bar will impress all who see it, including potential buyers if you decide to move on.

    There is something special about meeting up with friends in a social space but with a garden bar, you won’t need to leave home to enjoy a get-together.
    Why try to squeeze a bar into your living room when you can benefit from a stylish social space, specifically designed for entertaining?
    A professionally designed, stylish and versatile garden room will always enhance both the value and the curb appeal of your home.
    You can socialise without the hassle of travelling to the pub or having to book a table. There will always be a table free for you in your special garden bar.

Take the time to relax

If you lead a busy life, it can be hard to find the time to wind down. But socialising is good for you and there’s no place like home when you wish to relax. You will be far more likely to allow yourself a little me-time and to see your friends when your home offers the perfect venue for get-togethers. You might find it hard to keep friends and family away!

Garden bar ideas

Your garden room bar can be anything you want it to be! Would you enjoy having a garden bar with a hot tub area outside or with a pool table inside? The bar in your back garden could be a garden gin bar, a garden sports bar, or a summer house with a bar. It could boast an outside seating area to enjoy on warm summer evenings or perhaps you love the thought of being able to close the door and shut yourself away from the rest of the world. Whatever your imagination can conjure, your dreams can become a reality and you can become the host or hostess with the finest venue in town. We can bring your garden bar design ideas to life and build you a stylish, cool and contemporary garden room bar that will be the envy of all who see it.

    You will never endure the curse of being the designated driver when the bar is a few steps from your back door.
    Connecting with nature will always improve your mood and so a garden room bar will enhance your social gatherings.
    When you don’t need to leave home to socialise, it’s easier to arrange impromptu get-togethers at short notice.
    Your garden room bar can be open any time to suit you and there will be no last orders when you call the shots.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasures of life

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.

Amrose Bierce

How to plan the ideal garden room gym

There is much to consider if your garden room is to become the perfect bar. The main issue will be the size of your building. Your garden bar must be large enough to accommodate everything you need but shouldn’t overwhelm your garden. Our impressive garden retreats are available in numerous sizes and so you can choose a garden room that works well for you as a space in which to entertain while suiting the proportions of your garden. Here’s what you need to think about:

  • Aspect
    where and how should your garden room bar be positioned?
  • Furnishings
    how large should your bar be and what seating do you require?
  • Flooring
    what type of flooring would complete your perfect space?
  • Storage
    do you require storage such as shelving or fridges for your drinks?
  • Entertainment system
    would you like your bar to feature a sound system, a television or even a juke box?
  • Power
    how many sockets will you require and where should they be located?
  • Broadband
    do you need broadband and if so, how will you extend it to your garden retreat? You can do this via powerline networking, ethernet cable or WiFi PtP.
  • Heating and aircon
    your bar could quickly lose its appeal if it is too cold in winter and too hot in summer.
  • Toilet
    should your bar boast a toilet or are you happy to pop back to your house?
  • Multipurpose space
    would your garden room bar work better for you it was also a gym, a mancave, a home cinema or a hobby room.
  • Versatility
    you may yearn for a bar right now but what will you need in the future? To maximise the benefits of garden room and the value it can add to your property, design a space that could be repurposed in the future to become accommodation, an art studio, a craft room or a summer house.

Once you have identified everything that must be accommodated in your garden room bar and where your building should be located, you can settle upon the right size of building, whether that be a small garden bar or something a little larger. We will construct a stunning building that you can complete with your preferred fittings and furnishings. We will take the hassle and stress out of building your garden room bar and ensure that the finished article is everything you dreamt of and more.

Do you need planning permission for your garden room bar?

Most garden rooms will not require planning permission. Garden buildings can usually be constructed under your permitted development rights as they are considered to be outbuildings that are incidental to your enjoyment of your property. However, some garden bars will require planning permission. This is because there are restrictions on the size and height of garden room that you can build under your permitted development rights. There are also restrictions on where it can be positioned on your property. Garden bars that feature toilets or kitchens may require planning permission. You will find detailed information regarding what you can and can’t do without planning consent on our planning permission page.

Do garden gyms need building regulations approval?

If the floor area of the building is between 15 square metres and 30 square metres, you will not normally be required to apply for building regulations approval for your garden bar. This is providing that the building contains no sleeping accommodation and is either at least one metre from any boundary or is constructed substantially of non-combustible materials. For more detailed guidance, please visit our building regulations page.

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