The importance of insulating garden buildings

During the colder seasons it can cost a lot of money to keep your garden building warm, with the proper insulation techniques you can cut that price down.

Insulating Garden Buildings

If you have been exploring our beautiful garden rooms, you will probably be aware that most do not need planning permission. Neither to most garden buildings need to comply with building regulations.

This means that many manufacturers reduce their costs by not insulating their buildings.

But there are many benefits to be gained from properly insulating garden rooms and so we insulate all Kennedy Garden Retreats to a standard that would gain building regulations approval. 

Our buildings feature insulated wall, floors and roofs, together with double glazed windows and appropriately proportioned door frames. The resulting buildings are comfortable, energy efficient, easy to maintain and longer lasting.

What are the benefits of insulating a garden room?

There is no doubt that cutting costs when constructing a garden room will deliver an inferior product. Selecting the cheapest option that lacks insulation could be a false economy. Here’s why insulated walls, floors and roofs are so important:

  • Insulation increases energy efficiency, helping your building to better retain heat in winter and so reduces your energy costs. Without insulation your heating costs will go through the roof – literally!
  • Insulation will also ensure that your building remains cooler in summer, eliminating the need for costly air conditioning. You wouldn’t want your garden gym to turn into a garden sauna!
  • By reducing energy consumption, you will minimise your carbon footprint and help to save the planet.
  • Warmer in winter and cooler in summer, your garden room will be a more comfortable place to work, rest and play. Properly insulated, your space will boast a consistent temperature which could be important if you are using it to work, work out, treat patients or teach.
  • Insulation controls humidity for a more comfortable working environment.
  • Sensitive items such as electronic equipment, paints and chemicals can be heavily impacted and damaged by fluctuating temperatures and high humidity. The consistent temperatures and reduced humidity that insulation gives you will protect your belongs.
  • Insulation reduces drafts to create a more appealing space.
  • Wall and floor insulation together with appropriate ventilation will minimise moisture and so reduce the possibility of both condensation and mould.
  • Reducing moisture and mould will limit the need for maintenance while improving the longevity of the structure.
  • Insulation will also improve the level of soundproofing afforded by your building. You can lower the impact of traffic noise, noisy neighbours and any sounds from outside to create a better environment inside your room. The impact of any noise you make inside your building will also be reduced.
  • It is easier to repurpose an insulated garden room. You may wish to use your space as a home office or gym initially but what about in the future? If you ever need to create sleeping accommodation, you will require planning permission and building regs approval. It would be helpful if your garden room already met the required standards.
  • A garden room that meets the standards for building regulations approval would be more appealing to potential buyers of your home should you ever wish to sell it. For this reason, an insulated building would add greater value to your property.


Enhancing your comfort, giving you a more versatile building and extending the longevity of that building, insulation is surely a must-have feature of any garden room. Properly insulated garden buildings are more costly than structures that lack insulation. But most of that additional expense will be offset by lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, the longer lifespan of the structure and its impact on the value of your home.

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